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The Lound Bird Club (LBC) is a society of people interested in the wild birds of the Lound area, Nottinghamshire, England.

LBC hosts a number of outings and meetings. Please read more about this on our events page

We have a full write-up on each site at Lound, these can be accessed through our sites page.

Numerous species have been recorded here since site records began in 1951, with the current reserve and local bird club recording area boasting a bird list of some 262 species. The full list and details about the rarities that have been seen can been accessed through our birds page.

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These sightings are as reported to Lound Bird Club and have not been verified by the County Recorder or British Birds Rarities Committee

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Lound Bird Club is small and dedicated organization which is committed to protecting local birds and wildlife. Whether you are new to bird watching or an experienced birder, we invite you to join our community today.