Chainbridge Wood NR (IVNR)

Chainbridge Wood NR (IVNR)

Access onto this site is now either not allowed or restricted to volunteer wardens as this is now part of the wildlife trust European Beaver enclosure. Previously you could walk north along the riverside track to the wood entrance in the NE corner. Here you could (with care) follow a rough single track through the wood, over a wooden bridge and up a steep bank to drop down to two birdwatching hides (now sadly not in particularly good condition) one of which overlooks Chainbridge NR Scrape though now overlooks what is now a birch woodland. This site is sadly lacking in management and is quickly losing its appeal to visitors to the reserve. This former gravel pit now with an established mixed woodland is still an important breeding and wintering site within the whole reserve and was itself the only part of the area owned by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust until the SSSI designation and subsequent purchase of the larger Idle Valley NR we have today. There is a nest box scheme running within the wood like other areas and good results are recorded from them.


Rarities have included:

  • Yellow-browed Warbler (2012 and 2016)
  • A couple of Firecrest
  • Glossy Ibis over here (2016).


Some notable scarce species here have included:

  • Nuthatch,
  • Common Redstart,
  • Twite,
  • Red Kite,
  • Waxwing and
  • More recently Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.